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Past Spotlights

Heill Safety Solutions

Past Spotlights

Heill Safety Solutions

Past Spotlights


HEILL’s Contributions to the Central Washington University Foundation

January 29, 2021

Managing Members James Boretti, CSP and Brian Clarke, CSP gladly support our next generation of safety students and the Central Washington University’s Student Section of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).

James and Brian received a heartfelt appreciation letter from the foundation and a first-generation college student from Anchorage, Alaska who received a portion of the recent contributions.

Chris Summers Featured in a Farm to Taber Podcast with Sarah Taber

April 02, 2019

Farm to Taber is a podcast that dives deep into sustainable farming and how food producers, handlers, distributors, etc. maintain sustainable operations. Mission Produce’s Global Director of Safety and Heill’s Food Safety Manager, Chris Summers joined Host Sarah Taber in a 2-part series, “On Avocados & Being Considerate for Fun and Profit” to talk about his 20+ years of work in the agricultural industry, specifically the avocado industry.

Sarah and Chris discuss Workplace Basics, Avocado 101, Workplace Psychology, Engagement, Feelings, Block Chain, and more.

Visit Sarah Taber’s website for more podcasts like these.

Listen to the full Farm to Taber Podcast below!

Martha Moore-Kazarian in CAWG’s, The Crush Newsletter

September 18, 2018

Heill Safety Solution’s Agricultural Safety Manager/EHS Professional, Martha Moore-Kazarian had her hard work published in the September release of the California Association of Winegrape Growers, The Crush Newsletter!

A full brochure of Heill’s services and a sample Tailgate Topic were included in the newsletter.

Great work Martha!

First Issue of Martha’s Corner

August 07, 2018

Heill Safety Solution’s Agricultural Safety Manager/EHS Professional, Martha Moore-Kazarian will begin publishing Martha’s Corner articles on our website, social media, and in an email newsletter. Martha will feature articles she feels contain information pertinent to current issues within the Vineyard, Winery, and Agriculture industries.

Heill Team in Action: Avocado Distribution Center Safety

May 02, 2018

Great work to our Team on their recent trip out of state to beautiful Canada. Ted R. Leavitt and Chris Summers performed training and assessments for an avocado distribution center’s employees and management.

Ted R. Leavitt, SH&E Professional with Boretti, Inc., is performing training on international logistic regulations with the Manager of the avocado distribution center located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (top)

Chris Summers, Food Safety Manager for Heill Safety Solutions, is performing food safety training with employees at an avocado distribution center. (bottom)

Chris Summers

Heill has the expertise to fit your needs whether it’s compliance or process improvement. We are able to work in any condition to secure your product and minimize your risk.

Chris has 17 years of food safety experience. After graduating from California Lutheran University with a degree in Biology, he managed a microbiology lab. There he tested produce pack houses for pathogens and experimented with post-harvest washes/treatments considering sensory components as well as effectiveness on bacteria. He also experimented with controlled/modified atmosphere applications for shelf life and logistics. From there, he changed his career to work with row and bush crop harvest crews and growers where he created programs for quality, food safety and occupational safety and health. He has directed hundreds of food safety audits, ranging from GAP to BRC, on ranches as well as distribution and processing facilities. He also has international experience in 5 different continents across the globe writing and implementing food safety systems. Now, he is the Lead Instructor on the FSMA Preventive Rule and the Foreign Supplier Verification Rule, and a certified BRC and International OSH Professional. Chris has worked up and down the California coast, as well as in Nevada and Washington State. With this, he understands the challenges and limitations of growers, packers and processors and is familiar with many standards, from food safety export to global customers.

A few words from Chris:

“With some FSMA compliance dates here and others approaching quickly, all food companies and growers need to be aware of the new rules. I can work with you to determine which rules apply to your operation and what you need to be doing to reduce your exposure to FDA enforcement. I am able to write systems, programs and procedures to all levels of your organization and can assist with implementation and training. I understand the thinking of the C-Suite to the hands-on workers. I can perform an assessment to see where your company is at risk by taking a deep dive into the operation, then work with you to identify improvement opportunities. Together, using your business plan, we can determine what food safety standard is best for your company and will work with your teams to meet those standards.”

Brian Clarke: Welcomed into the 1891 Society

December 28, 2017

Congratulations to Brian Clarke, Managing Member, and Heill Safety Solutions, LLC team members for helping to achieve a great financial milestone for students in the safety field. Your efforts and contributions mean a great deal to the professionals in development and all the great work they will do for people who will avoid injury or casualties on the job.

Well done!